This page gave me a lot of trouble and with getting kicked off Ko-fi because they are caving into Paypal just like Patreon did and just like Tumblr did (not to paypal, just to the prudes). I struggled with drawing Zoe being DP’d by a machine and her mom while making out, so simplified it.

Tomorrow I have my dentist appointment and I am a bit behind on drawing, been in a mood that doesn’t really help with creativity, so the VIP early look probably won’t be ready till late tomorrow (got 50% of it done). I need to go to sleep early because my dentist appointment is at 11am (usually don’t go to bed till between 6am and 8). So I will lose most of my drawing time tonight. So I am not doing a Panty Protection this week, will have one next week.

Also the Batty and Aluc oneshot is on the homepage so be sure to go check that out to see Zoe’s daughter and son lose their virginity and make Zoe a grandma :D.

I am trying to make a subscribestar account to replace Kofi, but for the time being I added higher tiers on Sponsus if anyone is interested in commissioning me (could definitely use the money as I expect to spend about 1000$ at the dentist tomorrow).