The dildo party has begun, first with one of those “weird looking” ones… that I’m sure will feel good.

It’s a new month and thanks to everyone who votes on TWC for the comic. It didn’t break the top 100 comics list but still managed to drive a little traffic to the site. (think around 100 or so people checked it out from there, which is awesome). I am not going to be making a push there again, getting the number of votes needed to make it up that list is an impossible task for a small comic like mine without cheating (and I don’t condone cheating, all it does is hurt some other guy struggling like myself). But if you would like to show your support and are visiting TWC anyways, I’d love it if you did think of Zoe when voting for comics you like.

Donations have been amazing, getting around 150$ these past 2ish weeks. Sketches are going up everyday for Panty Protection and the third page will be posting tomorrow night of the one shot. The awesome guys that donated have turned it from a 3 page comic to a 6 page comic so far. Also less than 50 more dollars until a big one shot that was commissioned by msquared a few months back and he has been awesome in suggesting it be a tier on the meter will be available.

Donators and Sponsus supporters now can look forward to early looks at comic pages before they get posted publicly. I plan to post the Fridays page there for those that donated soon as I finish writing this. So if you’re impatient and want to see that fishy inside Zoe’s pussy, consider helping out the site 😀

Also I am trying to work out the different things I want to show in this arc, so it is a great time to suggest in the comments things you’d like to see, like what sort of sex toys they should use? For instance should they both be riding simbians while making out? It will be a long arc, but not infinite so if there is something you absolutely want to see let me know, and I will try my best to include it.