Zoe Zoe Zoe… First day swimming and already trying the highest diving board.

It is only 30$ to go until opening up the Pregnancy Oneshot at the end of the month. Needs to be donated by people other than my main contributors though (specified 10, only 1 has donated besides the 3 superheroes that have been helping out so much).

Thor suggested I create a subscription for Commissions and I liked the idea and am running with it. I am currently setting up a new VIPXXL area for people who donate 25$ or more. I will have a full pitch for it Friday, but if you are thinking about commissioning me to draw you something awesome, maybe wait till after Friday when the Kofi stuff is ready for it.

Also comments have been down a great deal (even though viewers have been up) I love hearing feedback, when I do offer up July’s special one shot I think it will be connected to comments and not new donors to try to entice you guys to comment more. It will be a good one too 😀

If you want to donate to my Kofi you can do so by following this link. Just need 9 of you to each toss in 3$ and then the 800-1000 of you that visit my site all can enjoy 4 pages of pregnant Zoe sex at the end of the month.

Lastly remember that Tomorrow is a new Panty Protection, it will be the start of sex between Harper and Devin.