Doesn’t look like the pregnant Zoe sex comic will get the needed donations as it is the last day of the month and still need 8 people to donate, Starting July 1st there will be a new comic to try to unlock, and this time it won’t require donations, instead will be all about getting comments. 3000 to be exact. Which comes up to 100 comments a day to unlock it, and it is a really special one. Thor’s commission of Zoe’s kids losing their virginities together. Bathory will be impregnated by her twin brother Alucard while Zoe and Damien watch. So if that sounds like something you’d like to see (is 6 pages long) make sure to comment regularly to get the numbers up.

If you would like to support the site on a regular basis, my Kofi now allows for recurring donations, and if you set a recurring donation of 25-100$ you get to be a part of my VIPXXL area and commission me to draw special comics. I am hoping to eventually get 40 people to join it, which would give me enough money each month to make a living doing this.

To my VIP members, The new Zoe page should go up late tonight (am about 65% done with it atm).

To my VIPXXL members, I will finish up Bathory and Alucard This coming weekend and then will begin the Rose one. Sorry hoped to have at least another page done over the weekend but Dark came out and had to see how that show ended, then wasted half a day trying to understand it on reddit… Now I need to focus on getting all the pages for this week (2 Zoe pages, Panty Protection, and ILMB all need to be done by Friday).