Really happy with how this page came out. Abi looks so happy.

Cat updates for anyone interested. My leg is healing slowly, the back where she bit big chunks out is the only area that still seems bad and definitely going to be big scars there. No infection, been putting on neosporin 2 times a day to make sure it stays that way. The kitties are still on the porch every night, and most the days now too. They have come to expect food anytime that front door opens and they will come running from the furthest areas of the yard soon as you step out onto the porch. Still extremely friendly, always rubbing up to my legs and I have to constantly watch every step so they don’t either trip me or I step on them. They are still eating like they haven’t eaten in weeks even though they are eating more than my fat house cat each day for the past 5 they’ve been around. Think they might have worms, so am going to a pet store tomorrow and gunna get some worm meds and see if their appetites calm down after that. My cat has been hissing at them far less, and spent an hour watching them with only a screendoor between them. Problem is, she’s going into heat, and they are both boy cats… so got to be extra careful. Almost certain they don’t have a home so gunna try again to move them inside in a few weeks, trying to get my cat more comfortable with them first. If I keep them I am gunna probably name them Matt and Perrin after my favorite Wheel of Time characters (the first season just wrapped filming 😀 😀 ).

I should have the VIP sections set up sometime tomorrow. Planning on trying to set up a subdomain tonight, then design it tomorrow.