Zoe finally got to finish too πŸ˜€

I have added some tiers to my Sponsus. There is now a tier devoted to an uncensored version of ShipponGirls as well as a tier that gives access to both the Zoe and Shippon VIPs, the ILMB exclusive comic, and also has access to the VIPXXL section where I post the things people have commissioned me to draw (which has a ton of content not available anywhere else).

Supporting my comic helps me realize my goal of making a career out of drawing this stuff for you. As you all know I quit my job last year to try to make it as an artist, 1.5 years later I am mostly out of money (less than 3k left of the about 18k I started with) I’ve been managing to dip into it only a bit because of the great support I am already getting, but that isn’t enough yet to be self sufficient and ensure that I can keep doing this full time. I want to do this full time for as long as possible and want to expand further into animation (as you can see in the recently released test animation).

Those of you who support there is a lot of great stuff you get beyond just knowing you’re helping someone follow their dream, If you would like to support me please check out my Sponsus page atΒ https://sponsus.com/u/yellowgerbil