This page was hard. I’ve been working on it for like a month unable to figure out how to write myself out of a corner. Yesterday came up with the idea for the last panel which I think gets things moving in the correct direction again, plus as an added bonus there will be a little bit go on between Abi and Damien, and Zoe and her grampa (not sex, but some hand stuff all around).

Also if you haven’t done so yet, please check out my new weekly comic ShipponGirls. The 5th page just posted the other day

Also Also. I am posting little review/thoughts on horror movies each day. My goal is to watch at least 1 horrror movie (or show episode when Bly Manor releases) each day. So far I’ve watched a ton, some good some terrible. If I was going to rank what I’ve seen this week from best to worst it would go

The Thing (80s)

The Ritual


Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Sinister 2


Harbinger Down


Let me know if there is any horror movies I should check out, I prefer movies with good stories and tension rather than substanceless jumpscares. Off the top of my head my top 10 horror films would be.

The Thing, Don’t Be afraid of the dark, Mama, Babbabook (or whatever it was called). Pontypool, Evil dead 2, Lost boys, Frailty, The Descent, and 28 days later.

Lot of the “classics” are great for what they trailblazed, but they don’t hold up for enjoyment, so while I respect a lot of the classics like Omen and Exorcist I don’t actually enjoy watching them (loved exorcist 3 though).

Let me know what your favorite horror films are and if there is something you think I’d like based on my favorites be sure to let me know.