Anyone want a creampie? 😀

So as mentioned in a post, am ending both ShipponGirls and ILMB (plan to get around to doing a few more pages of both to bring them to a close). Those comics will be replaced by my most ambitious comic yet.

I’m pushing myself to make it look as good as possible, this little crab is from just a corner of the cover I am currently working on for the first chapter. It will be called Knight Lights (thanks to Coldfusion for suggesting that over my original name Twilight Knights).

It will be a fantasy comic, and less focused on porn (about 50/50 porn and non porn pages) with a bigger emphasis on story. Unlike my other comics I am actually taking the writing seriously and have outlined the first 4 chapters (probably around 50ish pages). In my other comics I sort of just play it by ear and let things go in completely different directions than intended if it means a sex scene that I think people will enjoy (like all the incest stuff). Knight Lights will be different. My first 4 chapters are each like little comic issues (10-15 pages each) and they build up to a sex scene. So there may be 10pages in a row that has nothing more than little teases and wardrobe malfunctions before going into a big 5-6page sex scene.

The first chapter will build up to the main girl (now named Olwen as Aifin wasn’t working for me) losing her virginity to that big wolf/bear guy. I’m hoping to get to 2 pages a week but have to wait and see if I can manage it as these pages are taking about double what a Zoe page takes to draw. I plan to start posting on my Sponsus in 2 weeks and 2 weeks after the first page there it will start posting here for everyone to see. There won’t be any censorship or anything here, instead of advertising like intended with Shippon my hope is to gain readers by broadening its appeal. The first chapter will be Furry, second tentacle rape… etc…

I hope you guys will all give it a chance as I am really excited to share it with all of you, I’ve been drawing nearly nonstop on it all week.