zoe 16-1-1-modest

So this is the start of a new chapter. Also a start of some story arcs that will involve Zoe and Caleb. Don’t have things set in stone, but have a few different paths it could take mapped out (one involves her being clean shaven so for a while she will be shaved).

When I finished the last chapter I was at a crossroads and worked on 2 separate chapter 16 ideas. Decided that the donator who months ago donated 200$ to the kickstarter deserved to FINALLY get his character into the comic. So this dog is based on his deceased dog and let’s all wishRichter the best in doggy heaven.
For those interested the alternate Zoe 16 arc was leading into Zoe experimenting with sex toys and was a lead into the original Zoe 12 and the introduction of Tommy. That will come probably around Zoe 19 or 20 now.

Zoe amongst legends wallpaper

Also he had a TSHIRT that came with his reward, and This is what it looks like. Down the line I might sell merch but based on the costs (1 tshirt sent to him was 30$) is so much that to even add 1$ to myself would make it seem ridiculous… So maybe I’ll find some alternative way of getting Merch than cafepress/zazzle which are both insane.