First, about this page.

This page is mostly a set up page. It is both setting up the meeting between Zoe and Caleb, but it is also is setting up Damien meeting Rose. It also gives a time frame of the beginning of August, and where these characters live(I have never been to Bridgeport so not sure how much it really fits, but have been to Frankenmuth and it is lovely) so this page has the most exposition of any page yet.

So I am WAY behind. I have decided to toss out the next page and redraw and slightly rewrite it. So sorry to everyone that is a VIP member as I won’t be updating today. Tomorrow I will at least have the new 16-5 done which tosses out the Erkle look and her uncharacteristic behavior to instead fit in more with everything else. I apologize for its crappy rush job look, it was rushed to get it to you all on time. I should also have 17-1 done tomorrow too and that will have a lot of nudity.

I will only be posting 1 page next week (on Thursday). I will do a speed drawing for Tuesday as a placeholder, so everyone toss out ideas for it and the best one will get drawn.