Zoe 2017-16-10

So Zoe has finally gotten that itch scratched that’s been bothering her the past 20 or so pages.

Please vote and comment on the poll about doing a Kickstarter with a reward of a big full colored Zoe noncanon arc with her having a 3way with her mom and uncle. http://zoe.yellowgerbilcomics.com/2017/04/11/kickstarter-poll-please-vote/

I need to gauge support for it so I can decide if it is worth the 100 or so hours it will take, as I plan to complete it prior to the Kickstarter so that it will be ready when (if) the Kickstarter succeeds. So if that sounds like something you’d like be sure to vote as if I do a kickstarter the goal will be 1000$ and that will take 1o0 people giving 10 or 200 giving 5… (I will have larger rewards that will include things like commissions for those that are extra generous). The Kickstarter isn’t just to line my pockets, I am preparing myself for the eventual death of my PC, it sucks and will eventually die, and without a computer I can’t draw. Also Mac has a nice built in recording function that means I can make some how to draw and other drawing related videos that I think will be fun that, while possible on PC, isn’t something I’ve managed to get working.