Zoe2017 16-7

I am really happy with how this page came out. I debated on whether to include black in the page and think it really makes everything pop. I generally draw at a lowered opacity of around 60 to give the lines a bit of a pencil look and then the shadows and shading never exceed 80% opacity. I am pretty sure this is the first Zoe page to have 100% opacity black in it. The only thing I would change is the gradient beneath the xray instead of having it go to 100% black I think it would be better if it went only to about 70…

So onto the page. I am trying to get across a words and actions contrast with him directing her butt while at the same time saying they need to stop. From a writing standpoint I need to have the character salvageable and not come off as a complete creep. So the rational side of his brain is like WE CAN’T BE DOING THIS but another side is thinking MAN ZOE FEELS GOOOOD!

So, I generally try to find new music to listen to each week to expand my musical palette and the one I discovered while drawing this page I wanted to share with all you. I occasionally listen to a channel called NEWRETROWAVE which if you’ve seen Stranger Things the opening theme is retro wave. I’ve found a few in the past I liked but the one I discovered last week was the first to include vocals that I liked.


The whole album is awesome and is a concept album about a robot who gains sentience.