So after spending so much time on The Exam oneshot where the character was the most petite character I’ve ever done (practically flat chested) I really wanted to draw some busty and curved character. I’ve always like Abi so it just sort of went off the rails with this page. This was not what I was planning at all for this arcs ending but if felt right in my heart (or some other organ…) So now there will be some Abi sex to close out this arc.

Originally she was going to freak out and toss them out. They were going to realize what they were about to do and they were going to blame Zoe calling her a succubus and calling her “demon’s seed” she was going to reply wryly “Well I have tasted DAMIEN’S seed” (corny I know, but I like corny).

The story will be ending much differently and I’ve already got the next page fully sketched and it is all Abi fucking. I probably will do about 3 pages of sex to close the arc out before starting the shame in the next arc. So if you want to see Abi taking a couple hard poundings with Zoe bent over right beside her enjoying her own these next couple pages are for you 🙂