I think Zoe has a better sales pitch.

So sorry for the delay on this page. I tossed out my sketch and started from scratch yesterday. My drawing tablet or my computer or my settings, or something. Something is different and I had to adjust the way I draw a bit. I used to use a particular pen at a 6pt tip, well last week halfway through the page things went wonky and it is like my tablet is now super sensitive with more pressure sensitivity. So when I used to draw and get a line, I now get a thin microscopic hair. Due to the sketchy way I draw I was getting some bad art out of it (well maybe not bad, but different) So I was very frustrated with drawing Zoe this past week. The oneshot is fine I am embracing the differences there, but Zoe has a defined style I have been honing for years of this soft sketchy pencil look to the lines that works with my lack of skill when it comes to drawing straight lines (if I make a stroke very long it will be super wavy).

So my answer was to toss out what I was working on that was not going well, and to mess around with the pen thickness till I found something I liked. I ended up moving it from 6pt to 20pt for this drawing. Think it is pretty close now to how it used to be but if I am not careful I can still get tiny hairs. I feel like somehow the threshold was extended and tiny impressions that wouldn’t translate before are now getting shown. It is an adjustment, but I think I found a happy medium.

With that said I am hoping to finally get started on the 3way oneshot in a couple weeks. I was originally going to do a kickstarter in june/july but due to lack of time and a changing direction of the arc (Zoe went incest in canon) it got put on hold. I have a vacation from work coming up in 2 weeks so will have a bit more drawing time to get caught up and get started on Zoe getting pounded by her uncle while she eats her mom out :D.