I forgot to do a cover for the last arc I think, but remembered this time at the last minute. I will still be posting the first page of this arc tonight at around 1am or so. This arc will be short and be Zoe and her mom traveling to Tommy’s. It will be a little different than other arcs and have at least 1 page that is a flashback montage that might feel a little out of place, there is some exposition that needs explaining though and this seems the best time for it. I am trying to find ways to add some sex and nudity in flashback/fantasy moments but some pages (particularly page 2) will be without anything in the way of fun sexy times.  With that said this arc isn’t going to be very long, I have some setting up for the events of the next couple arcs that will feel rushed and poorly thought out if this arc isn’t done. So just bear with me for the next month while I exposit, I think you’ll all like the various payoffs coming in the next few arcs after this one.