So that ends that story arc. There will be a few weeks before I start posting the next arc. I’ll do something for both Christmas and New Years, but they won’t be full pages in the story.

The next arc is going to be really difficult and I want to use this little hiatus to get it right. It will be all about Abi and Tommy losing their virginity together. The entire arc will be a flashback of them when they were 12 years old and that is going to be a bit tricky to do. Before I ended up rushing a page because I felt the original was a bit much with showing a Naked Zoe of various ages with Abi. So this time how I am going to approach it is hopefully fully draw the entire arc before posting. During that extended time I should be able to find a balance I am comfortable with posting. The VIP section will update as things are completed but much of what gets done there probably won’t make the cut. I am going to approach it like any other arc complete with penetration and X-rays and all that, then I will tailor it back to a level that I feel comfortable posting. The end product will probably still include full frontal nudity on both Abi and Tommy but I’ll have to get a bit creative with the 2 to 3 pages that will make up the sex scene. So far I have most of the first page sketched and that already includes showing both Abi’s front and a bit of her vagina and the side of Tommy’s penis. It depends when it is done whether that is something I will feel ok with posting or if I may crop it above the waist. I expect the finished stuff to be heavily cropped but for starters on the VIP versions I will post them uncensored and I hope those of you who are Patreon supporters will chime in and help me find the right balance.

Zoe won’t be involved much in the comic for quite a bit of time. This flashback arc will be about 5 pages then there will be an arc picking up where this page left off and be all about Abi and Tommy rekindling their relationship. If Zoe makes an appearance it will likely be short. Once these 2 arcs are done it will move on to the rest of Zoe’s night and her night with the guy who she was sending nudes to.