Sorry for the delay, and sorry to you Patrons I know I haven’t been posting much for you guys lately. This arc has been tough and in constant change. I don’t really have a working sketch because I am changing things and replacing panels right up to the end. Though as a apology I hope you will like the exclusive page I will be posting to the VIP section either tonight or tomorrow night. I have a ton of unused panels of Abi and Tommy fucking because, as said above, the pages are constantly changing. So I am going to make a bonus page using a bunch of those unused drawings. On the main site this ends the flashback stuff for now. If you guys liked it maybe I will do another one down the line with Abi getting pregnant (though if I did it would probably be a year from now as I would time it with her getting pregnant in current time to make for some nice parallels in the story). There will be 1 or 2 more pages to this arc showing what Zoe is up to and a big finish to Abi getting it in her ass. Then the next few arcs will be all about Zoe again with her having a LONG night that will take many months to post. Hope you all like it.

I am also working on the VDSD drawing for next week I’ve decided against doing a comic and instead am doing a little gif animation of Zoe riding her uncle 😀