So Tommy finally got to cum in an O’Byrnes girl’s ass. Based on what we saw in the flashback Tommy has been wanting to get in Abi’s for 20 years.

There will be 1 last page to this arc but it will just be Abi and Tommy naked in bed talking about their relationship and how Zoe will fit into the equation. After that the next arc will start and FINALLY I will be getting to Zoe and the creepy old guy. I’ve been hinting at what I am planning for at least a year (ever since his dick was introduced back before Zoe and Abi set out for Tommy’s the first time). This will be an eventful night for Zoe and I don’t want to spoil it but the night will end with Zoe’s story getting back on track a bit with the original path of the story (the return of Damien).

So thanks to everyone that came the past 2 days for VDSD. It passed 1100 visitors yesterday (my estimate if adding people with ad blockers it might of even reached 1400-1500 people!) It was an amazing turnout and I hope you all liked the animation. I will keep the animation in the post section at the bottom of the page but it will eventually get buried beneath updates so you might want to bookmark it if you want to be able to find it down the line. I’m eager to do more animations for the Patreon page and will be getting started on that today. I regret not having time to get a creampie into the gif but with the Patreon stuff I will have endless time to add more and more to the sex scene.