Hello to all of those that may be seeing this comic for the first time. Thanks for coming! I have gotten almost 600 new visitors this week due to my new gif ad. Have never had an ad do THAT before YAY. Hope you all like it. Be sure to also check out my other comic I Love My Bully which updates on Tues and Sat.

Zoe ridig gif smaller

Be sure to vote and comment on the Zoe poll to get an exclusive non canon comic page of Zoe and Caleb having anal sex.

One of the questions asks if you would be interested in a much longer gif animation. The image that is above that question is from a sketch of what that page may end up looking like. I am only going to do it if there is a strong demand. Why would you charge for it? You might be asking. Well just like with my planned Kickstarter I am looking for ways to get the money to cover buying a few artist mannequin’s to improve my art. They are not cheap but I think that with them I could really pull off some really good drawings.

So onto this page. In this page Abi figures out that Zoe spent the night at Caleb’s with implications that she had sex with him. Abi has always been routing for Damien and Zoe getting together and sort of fills in the spectator’s position of concern for how it will effect the chances of Zoe and Damien ending up together…

How do you think Damien will respond learning Zoe had sex with Caleb? How do you think Zoe will respond learning Damien had sex with Rose?