Zoe 13-5

Great news!!! Zoe the Vampire is being adapted from comic to big budget movie! And we are lucky enough to get the Hollywood’s most talented ginger, Zendaya to play Zoe! See how she deals with some “webbing” squirted at her…

Sorry for the delay. When I woke up before work my computer was turned off and needed an update, 1.5hrs from when I got up till when left for work and it still hadn’t finished updating, that is a new record is slow.


So bad news, I think my computer is dying. the fan on the motherboard keeps stopping, then the computer overheats and then the computer auto turns off. I don’t know a damn thing about computers so if anyone knows of a easy fix for this please let me know. As it stands I am taking the worst case as a forgone conclusion (I am a pessimist…) I am betting it is going to need to be repaired and a new fan or motherboard or something in there. Not sure if it is something within my ability to to do or if I’ll need to take it to a repairman ( i did recently replace the graphics card, but even that stressed me out and confused me). So I am currently trying to put together a kickstarter, with the same goals as the gofundme, so if anyone wants to help you can support either or. My car is getting fixed today and so far is looking at about 250 (190 has been raised) I am paying for the rest out of pocket so any future donations will go towards whatever the computer needs. Again, anyone with an understanding about computers who can comment and fill me in on what is wrong, how to fix, or how much I can expect it to cost would be greatly appreciated.

Without a computer I can’t do comics… So this is really important to me and is stressing me out, got a cat in heat howling nonstop got a broke down car, and now come home from work to a breaking down computer… I am submitting a Kickstarter for review, once it is approved (if it is, still a grey area on adult content…) I will put the link here, any support is greatly appreciated.

damn, they auto approve now, I can remember back when you had to constantly revise it so that it fit their guidelines and they manually approved. That is why I didn’t mention the actual reason for needing the money as kickstarter (at least back then) didn’t allow for money to be raised for equipment, even though that is a principle cost to creating anything, whether it is a camera to film a movie or a computer to draw a comic…

So the link is HERE