So I will be posting the second Audrey E3 page either later today or tomorrow. It is about 65% done but I have family visiting so didn’t get a chance to draw at all yesterday and won’t for majority of today.

So When Zoe starts back up next week we will be starting the next arc. Based on the devided nature of the poll results I am blending them together to try to make the most people happy. I will do a quick rundown of what you will be getting over the next 2 to 4 months. There will be incest between Zoe and Abi, It won’t lead into full sex between them though I may way down the line have them give in. After that Zoe will be with Tommy and we will see her get a proper anal pounding. Then She will be with Caleb and there will be a little S&M going on, then there will be a very sweet scene of her and Damien finally having sex. Then she will have some light bdsm and roleplaying sex with the old guy. Basically Zoe’s gunna be filled to the brim with cum these next 4 days in story. After all this is done I will start directing the story back onto path of the original a bit with Zoe and Damien’s friendship slowly repairing and will have Audrey stuff come up earlier prior to Zoe’s eventual pregnancy (which I may move up as well, not certain on yet).

Thanks to everyone who voted and feel free to keep voicing your thoughts as the story progresses.