2 more pages left in this arc. I also just finished the first in the next and completed the sketch for the second. Think you guys will enjoy it 😀

So on this day of thanks, or more accurate to the time on the clock, insane day of buying. I’d like to thank you all for the support you’ve given this past year. I ran out of my savings towards the beginning of the year, but been able to keep scraping by and making this a reality do to the commissions and Sponsus donations. I am very thankful, but also a bit worried that changes will make that harder. One of my biggest supporters is making some life changes and I don’t think I can count on his generosity. It has me worried, like any of you that struggle to make ends meat or have in the past know too well. So what can I do?

My answer is do my best to give you all something that will make you want to part with some money to help me out. My thinking is the best way to do that is to make a new comic, not a untested comic that may not be able to go the distance but something I’ve heard many of you ask for many times these past years. Loli Zoe.

I currently am working on a Massive Loli/Damien/Audrey commission that is 12 pages, I will make that release daily for the 12 days of christmas starting in a few weeks. It will be available only temporarily on the public area of the site, then go back to being Flashback VIP exclusive… At the end of the year though I plan to make a brand new weekly comic titled Zoe and Friends. In it you can watch as Zoe learns about sex and lets her curiousity get her into trouble, along with her Friends Sadie, Damien, and Kalie.

I will be getting rid of the 8$ tier and just having a 10 that covers all exclusive content, so those already giving the 8, I am going to merge it with 10 for simplicity sake. I am also going to make it where if my Sponsus gets over 700$ a month I will increase the loli comic to 2 pages a week. With inflation 700 is what I need to scrape by and if you all get me to there I will double down and as a thankyou.

If you want to help out be sure to go check out my sponsus, I currently have 1 page of the 12 days commission done and posted there and hope to get 3 a week till I finish it. There is also about 100 other pages there, and more than 100 on the VIP XXL as well. If you can’t part with the money, I understand, know that commenting is always my most appreciated form of support.