So as the post said, I am going to have arc 4 be in color. I’m also working on a new webcomic that I am really enjoying drawing.

Won’t be pornographic, and nudity will be covered but hope you guys will like reading it as much as I have had making it. It is the story of a young girl, seen through the eyes of her pet Lizard and Frog. I already have the first 6 pages done and page 7 should be done tomorrow, been on a roll getting about 1.5 pages done a day all week. So if you are a sponsus supporter be sure to check it out in the VIP section. Not sure WHEN I will start posting it publicly. I need to figure out how to make a new sub domain (which I have forgotten how to do) and couldn’t figure it out when I wanted to make a new one for Ugh. So not too enthusiastic about going to my host and trying to figure it out again (really hate computers lol). Anyways, once I do figure it out I will look to start posting it weekly. I also need to settle on a name for both the comic and a spelling for Madelyn as I’ve gone though every version of spelling and not certain (though think the current one of Madelyn is probably what I will go with)

Anyways let me know what you think and if you happen to be a web designer with an understanding of WordPress and Dreamhost, please contact me and help walk me through making a subdomain. I can make it on the host but then it doesn’t link to a live page and don’t remember how I fix that.