So for anyone that hasn’t been around the since the last page posted. I started posting a brand new webcomic,  AquariYUM, it will update Tuesday’s each week. Also I have made a new VIP section for the Gravity Falls comic and to anyone who supports the site through Sponsus for 5$ or more will have access, and that will also update weekly (page 9 will be going up in about 30 minutes from writing this). Lots of new stuff coming. Next week I hope to start up the new Full Color Zoe arc as well. and there is only 2 more pages of black and white before the comic goes back to full color. Gunna be working on the site, sprucing it up over the next week or so and in the next day or 2 I will be adding the 40ish ILMB pages to the ILMB archive that were previously Sponsus exclusive, so keep an eye out for that as well.