It’s dick grabbin’ time!

So finally got my lazy self to swap out the old Sponsus ads for Subscribestar ads. If don’t know already, I fund this site in 2 ways, commissions and Subscribestar. The money made allows me to keep making comic pages full time, and in return for support you get a lot of cool stuff. Every Wednesday I draw a new comic page in a Gravity Falls Porn Parody comic, it is around 60pgs long and this week was the first anal penetration! Besides that I also have VIP sections of this site where the comics people commission are, and there is something like 300 comic pages all told in those sections. I also post sketches every day of what I am working on, and finally I post these Zoe and AquariYUM pages early (usually a day). Check it out if you want some more content to enjoy.