So have an idea to celebrate the most evil of holidays. A new Zoe joke each day. For those that haven’t been with the site since the beginning years ago back in the first version of the comic and the sequel comic I would post “Zoe Jokes” which were taking stupid puns, some my own creation but most just those really cheesy things that would be on the inside of a popsicle stick or candy wrapper. This will be like that but each day till Halloween (if can manage the workload… some might be nothing more than scribbles if I get too behind on drawing). Along with the drawing I will also imbed a video from youtube of a song that fits the Halloween theme. Basically I will just post creepy rock songs I enjoy, if that isn’t your thing you don’t need to watch them it is just as Kyle’s dad said “for the lulz” Who knows, you might like some of the songs and find your new favorite band 😀

So to start things out is a page of Zoe and Mr. Kitty in a tree. The song today is Square Hammer by Ghost.