I apologize for the pacing and lack of consistent updating with this arc. When I started the arc I didn’t plan to broach the subject of them eating each other out. I was going to go into that later. So when I decided to move it up I knew what I WANTED to do, but still am fumbling around with the execution.

I will say right out that I know where I am taking things but getting across the inner turmoil I am trying to portray with Abi giving into her daughters advances is difficult. I will almost certainly toss out a few pages of this arc when it is finished to make a more concise arc. The flashback page of Abi and Tommy’s relationship wasn’t very effective and will be tossed, I managed to work in the exposition that I needed in the following page that did a better job explaining the relationship and that page is pretty pointless now, just serving to confuse the progression of events. This weeks page also will likely get tossed as I am sort of redoing it that I think better ¬†gets across the conflict as well as the contrast that I am trying to portray in this arc.

I’ve always been pretty open about my writing process, I don’t set anything in stone till I am drawing the page, sometimes not even till it is finished drawing and onto putting in the text (there have been pages that really changed by changing the conversation in the past over where it was going). I consider myself a professional and I treat this comic as a sort of practice until I can do the projects that are near and dear to my heart (DREAMS for ps4 needs to come so I can start telling some of them through short animations or if I find that I can’t do the animation as easily as they are marketing it I can at least use it to build backdrops that I can trace behind my characters and do my more demanding comics like This Place Called Nowhere, Most Definitely Human, and VIXI all of which are comics I want to tell that aren’t just fap material).

So with the spontaneous nature of making this comic I have made some story missteps that are making this arc a bit all over the place and once I finish it I will edit it down so it can have a better thematic flow.