As you might of noticed. For the past 6 months I have been trying to develop a new comic to go along with Zoe on the site. The first 2 ideas I started developing were both old ideas that I continue to fail to realize, both failing numorous times to get made for various reasons (story, art, time). I have finally found the RIGHT comic for this site. I Love My Bully.

A quick synopsis of the story.

Jordan has it all,yeah her grades suck but at least she is top at her college prep school with all things SPORTS. Many colleges have already made her scholarship offers. The self proclaimed ruler of her school, she is feared by many a student. Yeah she can get a little rough with some of them, but weakness and mercy aren’t attributes of the top dog, at least not one who wants to keep her position.

The main victim of her bullying is a girl named Bailey. She is weak and a bit closed off to her classmates. Easy pickings. She also is really smart, making everything that Jordan struggles with look easy.

One fateful day Jordan’s world is torn asunder, from the most unlikely culprit, BAILEY. With a simple kiss she is defeated. Jordan finds herself, used to being confident and sure of herself, questioning everything. Including her sexuality.

In the new comic I Love My Bully we’ll follow Jordan and Bailey as they explore their feelings, will Jordan give in or will she fight those feelings and lash out violently? Will love conquer hate? will Jordan expand her school empire to the entire world? These and other questions will be answered starting this Valentine’s Day. Updating daily in celebration of the holiday of love for the first week, then moving to biweekly updates (exact dates TBD).