First I would like to apologize about my relative absence this week, and the delay of the page. There has been some family matters that have come up and made it hard to motivate myself to draw. My mother doesn’t have cancer, which is a huge weight off everyone in my family, just a cyst. Cancer scares me and my family, My dad died of Lung cancer when I was 10, so when a mass was found last week when my mom went in to set up a hip surgery it had us all on edge.

Outside of the family issues, I have had some issues with the upcoming pages and something I wanted to tell but is a very borderline area. As you will see when this weeks page posts later today, Zoe and Abi have sex for real. I want to show how this isn’t healthy and so I thought up a page where it would show them throughout their lives naked in more appropriate situations, to really show how wrong it is that they are starting an incestious relationship. The page won’t post due to the subject matter possibly drawing comparisons to lolicon, which is something I don’t want associated with Zoe. I have most the lines done for it and will post it to the VIP section for those that want to see the comic in its full form. I will experiment with ways to censor it enough to post here, but afraid it won’t really get the message across of how wrong it is that the 2 of them are eating each other out. So it may or may not post in some form or I might have to go back to the drawing board and find some other way to really stress that Abi gave birth to Zoe and them having sex even as consensual adult is wrong on many levels.

Lastly. I have been thinking about maybe going back to full color but a more sketchy look. With this setup I am finding it difficult to get clean lines but also have kinda found a better quicker way to color, so was thinking that as a compromise for a sketchier look I could color everything. It would lose that high contrast Caravaggio inspired art and would look closer to the Halloween colored drawings. I’ll wait till the start of the next arc for consistency sake, but if you guys could all chime in whether you’d like that or prefer I keep it black and white.