Here is a drawing I’ve been working on since last night. It is just a practice to get used to the new set up. I think I finally got the settings right on the pen, though the lines may appear a bit sketchier for a few weeks as I get used to the new monitor (went from a 15in one to a 32in one that was a tv I won in a raffle a year ago and finally am making use of). The larger monitor is a bit of a change, and it is affecting my hand eye coordination using the tablet. Once I train my brain to know where my hand is relative to the location on the screen my lining should get back to normal.

So this page in non canon, just felt like drawing Zoe getting impregnated. I still am on the fence about WHEN she should get pregnant but I am 80% certain it should be Damien’s not Tommy’s.

New page is still coming today. I think I am ready to get back to work on it (though will take a short break) Probably have it done and posted in about 3 hours though. Also got all the most important files transferred over about 30gb. I left some stuff that I don’t think I’ll ever need like old cropped Zoe pages as advertisements and stuff like that, brought over all the pages and all my old comics, except for the stuff from wayyyy back on my first Mac (that is already on a USB somewhere from when I transferred it all to my PC… Just got to find which one of the dozens laying around has those files.