So car broke down again last night. It had driven fine for 2 days, but like I said was more a wait and see sort of moment. Seems that the alternater or something is wrong, Also got Antilock brakes light turn on shortly before it wouldn’t start but that is a problem for another day. Hoping to get the car fixed tomorrow, I have a 3 day weekend so I don’t need to drive anywhere till Mon night. This car seems to be shitting itself left and right…

Thanks to all those that have given to the gofundme to deal with the plethora of issues that are piling up on this car. So far 140$ has been raised!

I am 1.5 pages done with the one shot. Looking at what still needs to be done with the story before even getting to the sex and it seems the comic will need to be a few pages longer than originally planned. Originally I saw it as 5 pgs and a cover. I Now think it will take 4 just to set up the 2 of them having anal then another 3 of the actual sex, and a final page bringing an ending to the comic. Plus a cover. SO probably 9 pgs in total. I will try to still have it done by the end of the month but it may be a bit after, I’ll send out what I have at the end of the month at the very least to tide those that support the GofundMe.

I am hoping that I will have at least the first 3 pages done this weekend, as well as Thursday’s Zoe which is currently half finished and am rewriting the end of the page to try to add a little humor as the page will be heavy with exposition.

You can still donate to the Gofundme by following this link

For a 5$ donation you get the oneshot when finished

20$ get the oneshot, 1 month access to the Patreon VIP section, and a speed drawing commission.

50$ same as 20, but upgrade the speed drawing to a b/w line drawing commission.

70$ same as 20 but upgrade the commission to a colored one.