I got my computer today and all seems good so far. Got to get used to the changes but shouldn’t be a problem for too long. There are some issues with my keyboard and the hot keys being slightly different due to Macs having a different key where the windows menu key is. It is gunna take some getting used to, might see about getting a proper Mac keyboard in a month if I still find it hard to use (main issue is the zoom in and out keys as now it takes both hands to do because it no longer uses the ctrl key like it did on pc…)

With that said I should have Zoe up tomorrow, it is all done except for the shadows on the final panel. I am currently busy with the task of trying to transfer about 60gb of drawings over from my PC and only can do it in 14gb chunks on a USB… so it is time consuming. I will try to sketch up something to post later tonight as a practice. I’m also now using a 32in monitor instead of my old 15in one because I needed a monitor that used HDMI as I couldn’t afford a vga adaptor. Like the big screen but think it too will take a little getting used to.

I want to thank all of you for your support, having a reliable computer is a huge weight off.