Would you be interested in a Futurama Porn Parody comic?
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So I am looking to the future and where I want to be with my comics in a years time and how I plan to get there. 2 major things I hope to accomplish in the next year. 1 double my readerbase. 2 get a physical comic out there.

So starting with the first one. Zoe is a fun comic to make, and many seem to like it but it doesn’t really draw new people very well. I need a hook to get people to give my comics a chance. One big problem is Zoe being an adult comic makes it almost impossible to advertise it, except for like 5 sites which I have already exhausted long ago. I occasionally post some Zoe stuff onto E hentai, and Hentai Foundry to try to drum up new readers but Zoe isn’t really the type of comic that appeals to the majority of them. That is one of the many reasons I have been looking into oneshots, and what seems to be successful (Furry is the most successful but just isn’t my thing and to focus on something that I am not interested would just make it impossible to motivate myself to set aside the amount of time it takes to do a comic). So I am looking at a broad variety of oneshots that will be like the one I am currently Kickstarting over the next year (like every 3 or 4 months if can find the time to do them as well).

But on to the main reason for this post. I am considering making a Futurama fan comic as a supliment to Zoe. It wouldn’t affect my update schedule for Zoe but would be the replacement for ILMB which I decided a while back to put plans on hold for.


I am currently rewatching the whole show because I like binge watching on Netflix and am currently all caught up on shows. So had the idea to do a oneshot of Futurama, but if people are interested enough I might consider making it an actual regularly updating comic on the site. I don’t like Cartoon Porn Parody comics. I get really turned off by the characters acting out of character, or the art looking different from the actual source material.  So with this comic I am striving to get the tone and look as real as possible, while poking fun at it a bit in a sexy way. I am toiling away in my spare time with how these character would look fully nude and think these are good estimations on how Leela would look if she was nude IN THE SHOW.


So a quick look forward on my second focus, getting a physical comic out. I have considered doing a physical release in the past (ILMB) but always look back at the art with a bit of disdain. With these oneshots I am really going all out on the art and they are short enough for the style and quality to stay consistent (unlike 4 years of Zoe comics and growing skills). I think that if I can do up  4 or 5 oneshot comics that would be something like 40pg as well as include the pages of SweetPea which hopefully would add up to around 25pg by then and some random pinups/ Zoe drawings that meet that artistic minimum to be print worthy. Clearly this is way down the line (at least a year from now) but I am trying to steer myself towards a future where these comics can supliment my income so that I don’t need to dash to create a kickstarter to beg you all for help when the shit hits the fan like it has done repeatedly this past month(again thankyou to everyone who has helped). I don’t want to be drowning in debt the remainder of my life, So my long term plan is to get to a point where I have both the skill and the audience to support myself on my art in 5 years time. I do Zoe simply for the love of the story and the journey of improving my art, but I would also like some more objectively professional comics to hold up as a sign of my skill.

So let me know if a Futurama comic is something you’d be interested in me pursuing. So please vote and comment to give any suggestions on ways I can improve the site to make it draw in a bigger crowd. This past year I’ve increased on average of about 100 readers a day average, but I’d like next year to gain 500 more a day…