First. Here is a look at Pg5 of the oneshot. Am extremely happy with how it is coming along, and hope to have pg6 done this weekend too.


So my car is cursed or something. Thursday night on my way to work I got a flat on the highway. It went flat as was coming up to a overpass and the guardrails where already there so couldn’t pull over immediately. So had to cross the overpass for like a quater mile (more on that in a bit). So I pull over and get the spare tire and jack and all and turns out the bolt things that hold on the tire had a nob at the end that made it not fit into the bar. So I had to call for my mom and cousin to come help with a different bar. They get there, we get all the bolts off and the wheel wouldn’t come off. We kick and pull as much as we dared but still nothing. Eventually we lowered it and drove on it till it wobbled and raised it and it came off fine.
So now jumping to today. I get to the tire place and turns out there is a dent in the lip where it seals. Oh and the tires are some fancy ass aluminum 16in rims that aren’t the standard for the car. They can’t hit it smooth like a normal tire, so I take it to the competitor across the street. They too can’t fix it. They give me 2 quotes. Get the rim replaced, a tire for it, and a tire for the other back wheel for 386. Or get all new rims and wheel for 650 with just the standard metal rims. I’ve contacted 2 different junk yards trying to find a used one with no luck so looks like I got 400 more going into this piece of junk car that in hindsight should of scrapped 3 weeks ago and put all this towards a different shit car. Now, with 400 already put into it I am sort of stuck fixing this so that money isn’t thrown away in vain.

So thanks again to everyone who has donated to the GoFundMe and the Kickstarter and the Patreon. I have been really stressed out these past few weeks and without your support I don’t know what sort of state I’d be in right now.

So back to the Allie and Abe comic. As you can see it is coming along pretty well. I have 5 done, the 6th has been sketched and I hope to have it fully finished in about 2-3 weeks. Should be done around or shortly after the Kickstarter ends. All this car trouble has really put some things in perspective and due to the success of the fundraisers think I will follow through and make a few more Oneshots down the line. I would like to get 5 or 6 done then do a big physical book that is like 100pgs of sexy fun times. I really want to have a physical book and have considered it in the past but everytime I start to seriously consider it I look back at the older pages of Zoe or ILMB and go, “Is this WORTHY of print?”. Looking at Allie and Abe I feel it is of a level of quality that would warrant a printing.