I just wanted to really get across how much I appreciate you all. Thanks for the support and the views for this past half decade. I took a little time out of my drawing of the next Zoe page and drew this up as just a little extra something for everyone to enjoy. Zoe and Tommy spending some wholesome family time together.

So a little update on the computer stuff, as well as would love input from the more tech savy readers. I think that there is a small chance that next month I could gather enough money to get a MAC MINI. I don’t really know much about computer specs but it seems to be more powerful than the refurbished mac pro I used to use (even being from 2006 it seemed more capable than my much more modern pc). There is a base model for 500 that I definitely could get just using the Patreon money you’ve all given me (I have 400 saved up from past months because I don’t use it except for emergencies and for site related costs). I would prefer to get one with a bit more umph which would be 700-1000 I see that for an additional 200 they upgrade to something called a fusion harddrive, which when I read an article about what that was it made it seem like that is exactly what I would want because it is designed to make things like photoshop work much faster. I don’t game on the computer, this is solely used for drawing and surfing the internet (though I would like to get final draft down the road and start seriously writing again). I think I can swing 200 of my monthly earnings taking the total to about 750 counting the current months Patreon and what is already saved. An additional 200 is all I’d need to get the mid grade Mac Mini with the Fusion upgrade.

Here is a link to what I am looking at, anyone with computer knowledge please feel free to weigh in on whether this would be the right choice for me. Know that my lack of computer literacy is a big factor in my choosing Mac, it just works no plugins or turning off hidden programs running without my wanting them to…