First, I have a rough outline of the rest of the story arc and how things will end now that they have deviated so much with Zoe and Tommy having sex together. I am really happy with it and think you’ll all be satisfied. It is going to be long though, I have Thursdays page done and posted in the VIP but there will be probably 10 more pages in this arc still to come after that. That makes this the longest arc by a huge margin. Lot more sex to come though 🙂

Also I am behind on the Oneshots for Patreon but have a plan to get back on track there. Starting Wednesday I have 10 days off work  for a vacation and have a little bit of family stuff to do but should still have 8 days of solid drawing time available. It will probably be around the 5th of March before I can get Shorty done, I will try to color the Visitor some tonight through wednesday and hope to have that all colored by Thursday for this month as well. I also have another oneshot I may do if I find the time next week that should only be like 3 or 4 pages and a bit more of a joke that would include some futa as I know that is popular even if it doens’t really do things for me.

Also with all this drawing starting Wednesday feel free to hop on skype and chat a bit and voice your thoughts on what is going on in Zoe. I like chatting while drawing and usually screenshare what I am drawing. I go by Yellowgerbil if you want to add me and say hi.