So for those of you who are Patrons I’ve already posted about this on Patreon but just incase any haven’t and to better clarify I am making a post here.

So I fell behind this month, which I had feared, between the shorter month and doing the VDSD comic It was certain I couldn’t get Shorty done before the end of the month. So Thursday I started a quick oneshot called The Visitor as a replacement, it too won’t be ready in Feb as I still got about 2 pages and a cover to do. I should have that comic up by the end of Thursday and then will go back to finishing up Shorty. I hope to have Shorty up by the middle of the month and then will go back and color The Visitor.

I feared this would happen that is why early in the month I did the 1pger of the nurse so you all would have something to tide you over. Sorry febuary only has 1 pg, I hope that March having around 14pgs will make it up to all of you. I am very thankful to all my returning Patreons as well as the 5 new patrons this past month. I am working hard on stuff and will have a lot of stuff to show in March and April.

so a short timeline of when I HOPE things will be posted

March 2nd THE VISITOR 7pg b/w oneshot about a girl camping with her friend and has a very intimate close encounter 😉

March 15th SHORTY 7pg colored oneshot of a short rotund girl who is stuck in line at the DMV…

March 22nd THE VISITOR in color and some shadows added as well

Sometime in April will either be focusing on my oneshot I’ve been sketching about Satan’s daughter (a lot of fun hell puns) or will redo my old never finished oneshot of a twin brother and sister that those that have been reading for over 2 years might remember me showing the first few pages (had 3 or 4 finished before I fell behind and gave up on it back before rebooting Zoe).

So there will be a lot to come and I hope you will all forgive the sparse febuary. Here is a tease of what’s to come.