So I am looking ahead to 2017 with this site and my art in general and thought I’d see what sort of feedback you all have for me. Nothing is set in stone and I might change my plans but this is where my thoughts are lying as of now.

I am going to keep Zoe as the mainstay of the site so don’t worry about that ending but want to add a variety of new stuff to widen the sites appeal. First as already mentioned I want to do a Futurama parody comic. It would probably be about 30pgs total. Have a general idea of what I want to do. I would post them in chunks so the story and jokes and nudity can all shine, probably separated into 4-5 pg arcs like Zoe. I would post it probably once a month or so for 6 or so months. My thoughts are, I love Futurama and many others do too. It would be something I could post on places like e-hentai and hentai foundry etc so that I can get my art seen by many who would otherwise not see my stuff. I also have a few commisisons lined up that hope can do this too as they are for popular cartoons that even though I am not familiar with them many out there seem to like them and might give my comics a chance after seeing them.

The second main thing I am thinking of doing is bringing back My Tenticle Friend. I have 15pgs written and about 7 more thought up so far and have figured out a way to have nice art without it taking 20hrs like my previous attempt was hindered by.


This is a quickly done concept of Kaitlyn and Squirmee I did. The hardest (or slowest) part of drawing for me is getting the lineart just right. I will go and redraw the same thing over and over and do my best to get clean lines (which is really hard for me, my control is really lacking) so with this comic I would skip that whole step and leave things at the intermediate stage between sketch and finished lineart where I fix the major flaws but don’t worry if my lines stray or wiggle.

The 3rd major change I am considering is posting an archived page of Zoe every day starting in January which would hopefully get people to come to the site more often as there would be new content every single day. I have easily 400 pages of Zoe stuff I can post and that isn’t even getting into the 100 or so Audrey the 50+ Randomness and if got really desparate I could go and scan in the 150pgs of my first comic Frontier I did way back in the day (the art is terrible as I started the comic in middle school and refined it till mid 20s (I’m going on 31 now…). Wish I never tossed out my first porn comic I did about 3 girls going to the medateranian treasure hunting. I had like 50pgs of that but when I left for college and had to pack everything I decided to just toss the whole thing so it wouldn’t raise any eyebrows… but the point is counting everything I have I could post a page every day for the next 3 years and still would have stuff to post.


So these are my ideas, any further suggestions?