I am participating in Valentines Day Sex Drive again this year so want to clean up the site so that it is easier to read and the best experience for potential new readers. I’ve noticed that the first few arcs are very polarizing and also many of those early pages are some of my worst artistically so… I am going to be purging the first couple arcs from the site. I will start the comic with the arc of Zoe finding the dog and it leading her to Caleb, which is a good introduction and that will take out the last references to Zoe calling herself a virgin even though she has had Damien’s dick in her. People seemed to really get hung up on that point so to not turn off, or confuse new readers gunna get rid of all of that. I also am going to change the numbering to reflect this (arc 5 will be 1 etc). Lastly I will be also purging all the placeholder pages and random stuff that just clutters the experience so it reads cleaner.

I might do a little alteration to the layout of the site but not sure on that.

I will also be going through the VIP section and cleaning that up a great deal so Patrons can better navigate it. I won’t be putting new pages in the post section anymore instead adding them to the Comic archive at the top so it also reads cleaner and then the posts on the bottom will be reserved for in progress sketches and other drawings.

I haven’t decided on what I want to do for VDSD this year yet so if you have any suggestions of something feel free to comment with your ideas. Here is a look at past VDSD submissions I’ve done (you can thank VDSD for the site turning into a porn comic, that was the catalyst that turned it from a PG slice of life to a fanservice focused comic).


That was the first VDSD I did as well as the first time nudity appeared in the public area of the site (had 2 arcs with nudity posted to a porn site to try to get readers but didn’t really treat them as canon back then)

After ending Zoe It went on hiatus for like 6 months while I messed around with Audrey’s comic (UGH!) After that failed to really attract readers I went back to Zoe, skipping ahead to when she was pregnant, and she had the kid shortly before that years VDSD so we got some public breast feeding for that years post. I still wasn’t posting nudity on the main site really, instead only embracing it on that one special day each year, so did an extra page just because I wanted to draw more naked Zoe. This was back in 2014, and afterwards I decided to reboot the comic from scratch and focus more on Fanservice, though no nudity at first just a lot of cameltoes.

For 2015 I tried making a gif of Zoe, I ran out of time and it is very basic because of this.

For 2016 I went all out, The comic had moved into the realm of porn by that time so nudity was nothing special anymore for the site, So banked on doing something that stood out and was humorous.

In the comments one of you mentioned Zoe fucking an entire Regiment… This suffice? So this was last years VDSD and the comic has been moving at a snail pace as I had planned for this to have actually happened in the story so far (not her entire class but I do plan on her having a little relationship with a classmate that is a fan of her uncles…)

SO WHAT TO DO THIS YEAR??? Any ideas would be appreciated, I need to get working on it soon as I only got a few weeks till the big day.