I’ve been working on a bunch of comics trying to find one that gave me that spark that Zoe gives and I think I’ve found it. SweetPea. It will be exclusive to the Patreon VIP section as a way to give them something for their support (beyond the molasses updating archive and the early pages that is…)

Currently I have 2 pages up so if you are a Patron be sure to check it out. I am currently rebuilding the Patreon page to better reflect what you get (for like a year it has been unchanged even though I no longer do a 10$ tier and I don’t do colored pages of Zoe anymore). SO now if you are a patreon you will get the archive and the early look at pages as well as at least 1 new SweetPea comic each month (will try to make them biweekly but being in color means they take a lot more work).