Thanks to all of you who gave advice on what I need to do to fix the issue. Hoping that is all it will take, and hope it is within my limited ability with fixing stuff to handle. I ordered the parts and it only came up to 37$ so if I can follow the directions in the Youtube video and get it done then it clearly is far and away much less of a worry as originally feared.

The Kickstarter is less integral now (I was able to cover the 37$ using last months Patreon donations) so if you aren’t really interested in a commission or the Allie and Abe anal incest oneshot comic then hold on to your money. I understand how tight a budget can be and how at a moments notice things turn to shit and every penny counts. But, if you are still interested in helping me or in the comic I still have the issue with my car. I paid 280$ out of my paycheck (money that was to go to bills) and, given better weather, it will be in working order tomorrow (big rainstorm halted repairs today). The Gofundme had raised enough to cover 178$ of that so far (what is being sent to my bank after their fees) So I am still in the red over 100$.

The only reason I moved to Kickstarter was because it is a more recognized format and trusted. But the issue with Kickstarter is if it doesn’t reach its goal, I get nothing. Currently it has raised 60 of the 300 and I could really use the money to cover that remaining cost I’m out of due to the car. I am no stranger to paying my bills late sadly and can live with paying that money back a month late. So I am continuing on with the kickstarter and hoping it will succeed so I can get it squared away next month. For those interested in it I just say this as I don’t want you to feel like I am asking for support and tricking you out of your hard earned money. I was going to do this comic anyways (though not nearly this ambitious or at this quick of a pace) but you can think of it like payment towards the art.

I once paid a friend, Laura, to draw a comic for me because I felt my ability wasn’t near good enough. I still have doubts about my ability but I am proud to say it has come a very long way in the past 4 years. The first 3 pages of the comic are done and they are the 3 best drawn pages I have ever done, in my own opinion. I am striving to make each page look as good as possible and am focusing on many areas that have been my weak spots such as backgrounds and varied faces (Allie at times reminds me of the girl guerrilla in the Gorillaz band) as well as a really clear focus on panel composition.

So thankyou to all the technical advice you’ve given this weekend and to all of you that have given support to me now or in the past. The part should be here sometime between Tuesday and Friday and I hope the Macgyvering I’ve done with a fan blowing into the tower will be enough to keep it working till then. As long as nothing more breaks down I should have the Zoe page up this week just like normal. I wasn’t entirely happy with the last page, as said numerous times I hate exposition, so am working to make this page much better.