Now this is more like it. I was very happy with this movie, good tension, good characters and a cool and unique monster. It is on Netflix so if you want a horror film, definitely give this one a watch.

Really quick synopsis. A group of buddies go to the middle of some mountains hiking in rememberance of their murdered buddy, one of them hurts his leg so they decide to take a shortcut through a dense forest instead of going through the mountains… once in the woods they are seeing runes and sacrificed animals and cult stuff… they also all have crazy dreams that lead to them waking injured or naked or other things… They try to get through it but are being hunted by something. Through all of this the main guy keeps having visions of his buddy being murdered while he cowered in a corner instead of helping him. This guilt is carried throughout the whole film and is central to his arc, yes a horror film with an arc! Not too common I know.

I went into this with low expectaction. I avoided it for years because the Netflix N on a movie means, with very few exceptions, a terrible movie they release because no one else will. This isn’t one of those movies. Not huge on scares, but definitely a good movie that reminded me a lot of one of my favorite horror films, the Descent. The best thing was the monster, it is refreshing to see a monster that is so unique and wish they would of delved a bit more into its lore, I gather it is very much a “old God” type thing like cthulhu that a cult is worshiping in a forest. I bit more of the monster and the cult could of turned this from a really good, to a “one of the best” horror movies.

scare score 4.5/10

movie score 9/10