sorry for the terrible joke. I will be doing a few things over the coming weeks/months to make this site a better place for you all to enjoy.

I spent like 4 hours this weekend custom making my own fonts (which will soon be available for anyone who likes fonts, or is looking to make their own comic) I plan to also create my own set of brushes and have already started dabbling with makeing some crappy ones (those too I will make available)

I will be creating a whole area of the site that will have resources for other would be comic creators as well as maybe some drawing and manga studio technique tutorials down the line. I plan mainly to make it a place where people can get brushes fonts and materials to help them take their own comics to the next level.

Speaking of the next level, I will be going back through every comic page on this site and will be doing 3 things. 1 replacing all the inconsistent fonts and bubbles with my new ones. 2. redoing a lot of the comics panelings to get them consistent as I only started experimented with panels right around the same time I rebooted Zoe. 3. fixing continuity errors or gross proportional issues (off top of my head, Zoe’s head is like 30% too big in a panel in the comic where her and Damien are in the woods). This process will be slow going so as not to interfere with my updating regularly, but want to get this comic looking as good as I can within my artistic limits.

I will also be looking into updating the appearance of the site, new banners, better navigation and stuff like that.

Lastly I will be making a big change in how I accept donations. I will be reducing my focus on Patreon, getting rid of the 10$ tier and instead adding a 1$ no reward tip tier. The 5$ will change a bit in what it offers (gaining some of the 10+ stuff like in progress looks at pages).  I will also be adding a Paypal tip button somewhere on the site so anyone who wants to send a buck or 2 for serving up a hot plate of vampire sex can. Also I will finally be getting around to creating a Commission area for anyone who would like to hire me to draw something for them. I will be offering a few loyal patreon supporters a free commission  (mostly those that have been with it for like a year or more) to get some commission examples for the page so keep an eye out for a message from me on patreon to the lucky few.

Thanks to everyone who has been following my comics as well as to all of you that have just started reading it this past month.