I am amazed by the amount of you who want the animation and now feel I really got to bring it. Instead of what I was originally doing, animated static images, I am now going back to scratch and doing fully drawn images. Here is a visual to explain how I am improving things.

ezgif.com-gif-maker zoe butt walk

(Click to see them animated)

As you can see in the early gif, not much is actually moving. It is basically a jpeg with a few animated parts. With the second one I completely drew each frame without recycling anything to make it look much closer to real animation (it is a little jerky at the end as I need to add 1 more frame to smooth out the tale end of the walk cycle).

This change will mean that it will take quite a lot longer to make this animation. I originally hoped to have it finished in less than a month, now it will probably be closer to 2 or 3 months. With that first gif of Zoe getting fucked I can, without too much trouble, go back and redraw the panels so that it is fully animated. This will mean that in the end her skirt will move with the pounding, and her lips will move to better show how much girth Caleb has and how much this is testing her limits.

And yes, that is Caleb. I know many of you can’t stand him, which is sort of the point of his character. This will be canon, so it has to be Caleb right now. If this is as successful as the poll implies it will be I have already planned 2 followups. The first being Zoe masturbating while fantasizing about¬†¬† 2 different famous Dracula’s DPing her. It will coincide with that arc in the comic and is based on the first adult Zoe comic I did (first with porn/ penetration). The third will be following Zoe’s growing interest in other girls and be her masturbating to another girl she is watching online.

Also if this one ends up successful I will look into what it will take to have sound effects and voice acting in future ones. So support this one to see this become a recurring thing.

Also be sure to comment on WHAT you want to see in this one (positions etc) as I am going to have tons of different loops making up this animation.