Not nearly as good as the first one. I don’t understand why they had to mess with the lore and make it more convoluted…

The first was mostly free of cheap jumpscares and it took the time to build up tension. This sequel was chock full of jumpscares and lacked any competence. The movie was surface level and leaving no mystery.

The biggest example of this is the 2 sons. The ghosts are trying to get one boy to watch the tapes and convince him to murder his family, he reluctantly goes along for a while before saying he won’t, so they just use his brother (which they claim was the point all along) but that has multiple problems.

1st problem is it goes against the lore they were establishing that Mr. Boogey wants to corrupt these kids, but this brother was clearly going to turn into a serial killer anyways… So don’t understand how it fits the poorly defined mythos of this being that wants to corrupt the innocents and eat children…

2nd problem is it was shown step by step, this second brother should of been left almost completely out of the story, and definitely shouldn’t of been a psychopath. It should of been something like a bait and switch with the cop trying to break the boy from a trance and when they think they are free the other brother stabs them in the back or something.

3rd problem was it just was boring. By showing these ghost kids interacting all mystery is gone and it becomes unintentionally funny when they are tossing things around the house.

A very disappointing followup to a surprisingly good first movie.

scare score 2.5/10

movie score 4.5/10