zombie house

One of the very best episodes so far, and makes up for the very crappy episodes that ended the first half of the season.

It wasn’t too shocking in WHAT happened (everyone pretty much expected all the big events of this episode) but was still very satisfying payoffs. We lose a few characters and one gets handicapped and everything is set on track after things really lost there way in episode 7 and 8.  It gives me renewed hope in this season and where things are going.

So now onto the spoilers.

The episode starts strong with Daryl Abraham and Sasha being held at gunpoint by some of Negan’s men. Where in the last few episodes characters did very out of character things, and happenstance was pushed to the limit of believability, here we see the most straightforward, and badass, of outcomes. Daryl gains like 50 cool points (as if he needs them).

Then we pick up at Alexandra and see how the zombie camo is working (it does! still something that really bothers me). But like everyone assumed would happen that bratty kid had to screw everything up. Him and his mom get taken down. To save Carl, Rick hacks the Mom’s (can’t bother with her name) off. The other son in anger pulls a gun on Rick, but Michonne stabs him killing him. A shot goes off. He misses Rick and all is we- wait nope Carl’s eye is shot out.

We then have lots of little developments, these are where the episode really shine. I am probably remembering these out of order but will give my thoughts.

The Wolf guy and the doctor are out in the heat of it, they talk she is freaking out due to the fact that they guy is crazy and murdered tons of her neighbors. In the end she convinces him that life is worth living (somehow, need to rewatch it to figure that change as it was subtle). He gets bit saving her, she leads him to the doctors office promising to save him. But right outside it Carol shoots him. with his dying breath he tackles a zombie for the doctor so she can make it to safety. Carol sees this and gets a look in her eyes Like, “My god Morgan was right about giving people a chance to redeem themselves, now I feel like an ass for murdering him”.

The Doctor saves Carl.

The Priest took Judith so that the others could focus on leading away the Zombies. He is holed up in the church with many Alexandrians. There he finally becomes a shepard (a good ending to his arc, so am assuming he will die in the next few episodes as that is usually the case). He says something like God is going to save us by having us save us (to an athiest like myself that is jibberish, but still pretty epic in context of his character development).

Glen, Maggie and Carl’s girlfriend(again not bothering with looking up names). Glenn goes to save maggie and nearly dies again. At the last second Abraham and Sasha come to the rescue. They then use the fuel truck to burn up the Zombies and reclaim the town.

A LOT happened this episode and I am leaving out a few minor things, but it was a intense episode that managed to both move the plot forward and gave a LOT of little developments for minor characters. Often the show struggles in these episodes with so many little groups each doing their own thing, this was not one of those episodes. At every moment things were crafted expertly (much like the season 5 premiere).

It still isn’t my favorite episode (Clear continues to hold that honor) but it is way up there and if you have been struggling to stay interested in the show like many through that first half, give this episode a try. It is well worth your time.