I just wanted to add a post about some of the changes that will be happening on the site.

First I will be reducing the updates for ILMB to 1 day a week, like I do with Zoe. It will probably be on Saturdays.

Second I am focusing solely on the new VIP section so that I actually FINISH it. I will no longer be posting stuff on the Tumblr versions as those are far inferior and was a mistake to build it there. I am making it my mission to post at least 1 comic everyday until everything I’ve ever done is available on the archive. Sorry for the delay up to this point, it takes between 3-20 minutes per post depending on how easy the files are to find (I have 1000 pages easily, each is doubled due to the work files (psd/lip) and jpeg, so I have to search through over 2000 files to find the ones I need then organize them, I am not very organized… So far I am just about done with the like 300 Zoe comic pages that spaned the first 3 years of doing comics. After that I will post the 50 so odd randomness the 10 frontier… I will try to post in order of when comics were first introduced with my first 4 starting at the same time (Zoe, Frontier, MDH, Randomness) Ugh will come after I get those 4 and POSSIBLY MGS doublemint twin snakes, have to check dates on which came first…

3rdly I should be receiving my A9 armature in another week which will coincide with the start of work on Zoe 12 and the second chapter of ILMB. I am going to really try to up the quality of the art and composition with the help of the armature (will be a little wonky as only am getting 1 for now and both comics are really built on interactions of 2 people, but I’ll make it work). I am looking at keeping Zoe mostly the same (just better composition and more interesting and realistic lighting) With ILMB I will probably go back to the drawing board a great deal and come up with a new approach (at least adding lighting/shadows, possibly color as well).

Thankyou to all of you that come check out my comic each week. I appreciate you spending your free time coming and experiencing my stories as they develop. I will probably do another poll to gauge some various things that are rattling in my head, feel free to throw out some suggestions for things to poll on, or what you’d love to see in a poll incentive drawing (like the anal one for the last poll).