So the poll has gone great with in only a few days nearly 150ppl voting. If you haven’t yet and want the exclusive comic page you can still go and vote and comment on it by navigating beneath this article.

So due to your responses I have spent a bit of today trying to do 2 things. Map out this story arc to get the page count set and have the drama paced well. (it will be 7 pages, and the stuff I left out i will speckle in at various future points). I think it is some of the more concise storytelling I’ve done. Like I said before though, not much in the way of sexy stuff happening. I’ve included some flashback type shots of Zoe and Caleb to get a bit of fan service and be in contrast to the very sober and depressing exchange as the 2 learn of eachothers escapades the previous night.

I have also been taking to heart your constructive criticisms with characters looking too similar and did up a concept for Audrey.

Audrey concept

Audrey was the star of my comic UGH (and most recently Audrey Adventures). Back when I first ended Zoe I thought up UGH as a replacement comic. Audrey is a bit like Zoe but more brash and is more of a traditional geek. She works at a game store and has a thing for Yuna (FF10) that confuses her. In the arc after this she will make a cameo appearance just in time for E3. So the humor for the next arc will be a bit geekier than what we’ve been seeing in this current Zoe iteration. Eventually Audrey will return as a much more prominent character. A bit of a spoiler but Zoe and Audrey will eventually have a bit of a fling together (this won’t be for probably 3 more years in realtime, about a year and a half from now in story time).

This was the very first Ugh page back in 2013


The first page of Audrey Adventure the most recent iteration of Ugh

So I hope you all like where I take the comic. I am glad to see the majority prefer the direction I have been taking things. I lost about half my fans when I decided to originally take this route and over the past month have finally overtaken the numbers that I used to get (this past week getting more than the site has ever seen by a wide margin 😀 ).

Also the response to the gif animation has been positive enough that I will follow through with it, though due to time constraints it might not be finished till mid summer sometime.