So in the morning I plan to brave my old mac to try to search through the millions of unorganized files to bring over anything that is missing in the VIP section. There are some that I am aware of, like the fallout drawings, and some I’m sure I forgot I ever made. Hoping my computer can stay on without crashing so can transfer everything (can’t open photoshop without crashing so will be blindly grabbing files and opening them here to see if they contain anything of merit.

I will be finishing up a 1 shot for the VIP+ throughout the week, in between some massive Fallout sessions :). I am currently working on the Zoe page for the week after next and will be posting whatever I have done in the morning on the VIP+ section. Tomorrow I plan on focusing on getting the coloring finished for this months COLORED PAGE OF ZOE. Currently my Patreon is getting 81$ a month. If it can get to 100$ in the next week I will do a second colored page this month (even though this months money has already been collected) So if you want to see what these pages look like in color just join my patreon with 5$ a month and you get to see that, the newest pages first (currently have next weeks page up) as well as an archive of literally 100s of pages of comics I’ve made in the past.