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The 300$ threshold has been hit, so be sure to check out the Jordan Triple penetration one shot on the homepage.


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first here is a pic I did as a test for msquared’s commission

I am trying to improve a few key areas of my art. Lighting/shadows I’ve been working on a lot in the Panty Protection one shot, and since this commission involves bukakke I want to figure out how to draw wetter and more realistic cum. Once I am more comfortable drawing these new techniques I plan to start using them in the Zoe comic but right now is training wheels. I came across a fetish I was unfamiliar with while researching how artists draw cum. It is people humming on anime figurines. Not my thing, but the AMOUNT when picturing the figure as full sized is something I am going to try and see what people think (extreme amounts of cum is a popular fetish) So The Panty Protection one shot already being focused on cum seems a good place to experiment with that. Expect bucketloads all over harper and coming out of Harper.