I am no longer going to post the blog within the comic post, instead making it a separate post. Hopefully it will help it look cleaner and more professional.

How’s everyone like the new layout to the site? I have given up, for the time being, on moving the site to tumblr. I don’t know how to do anything with tumblr and my helper has abandoned me so might as well stay where I’m at.  I still got some work on the site to do, need to figure out how to change the font color in the menu (it isn’t with any of the other text areas for some reason). Also will be doing up a drawing to be used as a Patreon link tomorrow.

I should be finishing the VIP section tomorrow, and hopefully the VIP+ as well. Sorry for the delay, been really busy. One good bit of news, those of you that are Patreon VIP members the next week page is up, got myself back up to date with Zoe and now can go back and work on the 1shots this weekend.

I will also be posting a little Zoe thing for Halloween on Saturday so be sure to come back this weekend and check it out.