Nothing is set in stone, and no firm dates (Zoe likes firm dates), but here is what I am thinking.

I want to get to the point where Zoe posts twice a week. was thinking Monday and Fridays. Then would post old pages on the archive section T-W-TH. That way there is Zoe every weekday. It may not be apparent but I’ve actually been drawing a lot more lately (outside of the weekly Zoe page and bi-monthly ILMB pages I’ve done 18pgs of a oneshot, a 3 page commission, a 5 page commission, a 1 page commission, as well as some assorted Zoe related drawings). Now I am nearly 3 pages done on the Auto Cunnilingus Zoe oneshot. Once that is done I want to spend a month trying to get at least 2 Zoe pages a week. If I can succeed in that I will then start posting bi-weekly. Think I can.

I also want to get the animation finished, even if it is without sound (the biggest editing hurdle).

I also am working with a fellow webcomicer on a bit of cross promotion where we are going to do a drawing/page for each others comic. Probably should have that finished and ready to talk about more in a week (we are still finalizing what it is we are going to draw).

When I post bi-weekly I will finally get around to cleaning up this site, these old blog posts will be purged and I will try to stop posting so much this way so it can be a place for weekly updates about progress and whatnot instead of being so unorganized. I will also get rid of the old pages on the site so that when new readers come and check out the comic what they see is just the new version so they aren’t confused and I hopefully make the best first impression I can. Those pages will eventually find there way in the archive (may take about 4-6 months as there is still a lot of pages to post before I get to where it starts on the site).