First the bad news, I am ending both Shippon Girls and I Love My Bully in the near future (a few pages more on each to tie up the current stories). Now the good news, a new webcomic will be replacing them. Twilight Knights.

The comic will be a romantic comedy/ action adventure role playing fantasy/ porn/ everything but the kitchen sink comic. The story will follow these 3 mostly (may add more party members down the line). Aifin is the girl and the guys names aren’t determined yet (still in the planning phases). Both guys will like her, and she likes both of them but there is 2 of them, and who will she choose?


And that dilemma is compounded when there are so many others out there, including this big guy, Rufel.

The first chapter/comic whatever you want to call it will be around 12-16pgs and the Aifin will lose her virginity to Rufel the kind Carpenter that repaired the drifting boat the 3 found.

With a boat they will start their adventure and leave their little island for all kinds of adventures, from IMPREGNATING TENTACLE MONSTERS, to elfin archers that really want to see the guys “arrows” and tons of other possibilities.

I hope to have the comic ready to start in about a month and pages will post 2 weeks early on Sponsus before becoming available on my site for all to see. I also will probably do little exclusive sketches of the quality of that Rufel one for my Sponsors but haven’t really decided on that sort of thing at this early stage. Hope you guys will like it, I’m trying to branch out into something I think will have a wider appeal than my other comics have had.