Still rough as I am still designing the character, but made some changes. She’s now a Frankenstein girl (getting into the Halloween spirit :D) I spent 2 hours after waking up to the comments about how it looked weird on the last post so worked to try to get something a bit more representative of what I am going for. There is still clear winners on each drawing because I used different ones as the start for each and then edited the size. The top I Started with the B, the middle started with A and the bottom I started with D. Overall I think B is the winner… But want to get your guy’s input.

What breast size is best for this character?

I am hoping to make it my next animation after finishing the Zoe one. Want it to be much bigger and a complete story (maybe 20-30 minutes long with about 10 minutes of story… if I can handle that amount of work, it really depends on whether the Zoe animation succeeds or not).

Witch Breast is Beast?
  • 13.7% - ( 10 votes )
  • 38.36% - ( 28 votes )
  • 30.14% - ( 22 votes )
  • 17.81% - ( 13 votes )