I try to avoid politics on this site, I’m here to entertain not preach, but there was one thing near and dear to me that got me a lot of flack when I commented on it in the Panty Protection oneshot and that is my Governors illegal actions in handling the Corona Virus. Michigan has been decimated by her actions with hundreds of small business’s shutter forever, including my childhood favorite pizza establisment Frandor Deli. Today things change.

The Michigan Supreme Court has just ruled that everything the governor has done since April 30th has been illegal and have stripped her from her executive powers to declare an emergency (in 21 days, at least). This is great news, especially after it just came to light yesterday that she has been lying about how many people died in nursing homes due to her early mandate forcing nursing homes to take in corona patients (including young mentally ill people that).

If anyone has no idea who Gretchen Whitmer is and why I have cared so much this is a good video. Steven Crowder of youtube fame came to michigan yesterday to have a massive rally in my city and his discoveries were startling.

This has been a deeply personal matter to me and have seen the effects first hand. Just last week my local grocer, where I worked for a decade as a teen and into my 20s, and my mom still works to this day was fined 2000$ for people not wearing masks. Her rules made it a 500$ fine to business’ if they allowed a customer in without a mask, even after multiple shooting murders made headlines when business’ confronted people about it (such as the poor security guard in Flint who was shot by an entire angry family and killed in a Riteaid). I hope with this court decision that grocer will not be required to pay that money because I know 2000$ is more than that business makes in profits a week and the worst thing in the world is running local business’ under so big box stores are the only thing that are left.

I won’t bring this subject up again, but just felt that I should share the good news after getting so much pushback from my mention of the issue in Panty Protection.