It sure isn’t a comment… lol

Hey guys I’d love to hear what you guys think about these pages. Been working on a bunch at a time trying to find funny little puns and stuff to build these little storied around and premises that I think will be fun but it is completely silent out there. Its nice to see the number of visitors skyrocket (averaging about 200 a day more than normal with these frequent uploads) but I also like to see you guys joining in on the conversation. Like that lone SETI guy I sit here hoping to hear a response from out in the cosmos.

Still got 3way (finishing up the 3rd page and probably will set it aside to post a simple one tomorrow)

rapey guy (have a rough version that I didn’t like done of that that I probably will redo)

loli (have a bunch of drawings for that but haven’t really found a pun or joke to build a story around so it has been meandering)

size compare (got a sketch of that and including loli stuff in the sketch to make it a two for one)

public (haven’t started this one at all yet)

schoolgirl (haven’t started)

6way (haven’t started)

pregnant (started one that I didn’t like so will redo)

So if you guys got any input on what you’d like to see in these feel free to comment.