Sponsus has broken and no one was charged this month. I rely on that money to survive so have been quite stressed, both for the current predicament and the worry that it would create more issues down the line. So it finally pushed me to getting my Subscribestar approved. It had been pending the past 3 years, but I started emailing their support till they got annoyed and let me on the platform 😀

Same deal as on Sponsus, support me and get access to the premium sections. If this is the first you are hearing about the premium areas you’re in for a treat. There is a sketch diary I update daily with sketches I am working on that day. There is early postings of Zoe and AquariYUM (usually try to keep it a week ahead of public). There is a weekly exclusive Gravity Falls comic, with over 50 pages so far. There is a VIP section all of loli commissions totalling around 200 comic pages. There is a VIP section of regular commissions with close to 300 comic pages. The VIP sections runs 10$ a month, and the others 5$.

By supporting me you help me keep chasing my dream of being a real professional artist. I do this full time, no day job, so this is the main source of income keeping me going each month. I hope you will consider joining my Subscribestar. From my understanding is it uses other ways instead of Paypal so if you would like to commission me and don’t have paypal you can also do that there (or if you want to just commission me on a monthly basis and have it auto collect each month).