Been working on this the past few days in between commissions and weekly comic pages. I envision it as a 3 or so minute animation where she is tag teams by 2 store robbers. Haven’t named her yet (so am open to suggestions), but the idea is she is waiting in line when 2 masked robbers show up demanding the money. Having just bought a Chinese made MAGICAL GIRL SUIT she decides to intervene… Like most cheap Chinese made stuff, it turns out to be garbage, the pieces that cover her breasts and vagina are missing and when she freaks out over being so exposed the rest falls free leaving her very vulnerable. The 2 robbers decide to forgo their thieving to instead so some fucking. Plan on it ending with SWAT busting in to find her laying between the 2 of them, both asleep from all the fucking, awkwardly she says “Shh, they’re all tuckered out, you can take it from here fellas”

I have been wanting to get something animated for years, and things fell apart in the past, hoping this time things will work out. This scene is the most complex so wanted to test if I could do it first with rough sketches. Apart from some timing issues I think it came out really well. Outside of this scene and the sex loops I probably will have mostly static images with camera pans to make them look more dynamic (like anime does all the time to save money).

Is this something that appeals to you?